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Collector's Corner - Dublo Dinky

I collect Dublo Dinkys because they complement my collection of Hornby Dublo Trains. Collecting Dublo Dinkys is like collecting anything else, once you start you want to find out everything you can about what was made, availability and price. You soon find out what is rare and what is common plus what is available and its condition.

Collecting Dublo Dinkys is a fairly easy thing to do and also it’s very easy to collect them ALL as there were only 14 models made in the series. However, as with all collections, to find the variations takes effort and time.

In all of this we have to remember they were produced as toys to complement the railway so details such as windows, wheel hubs and decals were not available. The finish however was done to the Meccano high standard of baked enamel, which allowed for robust play.

The collecting of Dublo Dinkys is done by two groups, Dublo train collectors and Dinky Toys collectors, and this is why their prices are substantial. The boxes contribute greatly to the value. In the UK, collectors only want models in original boxes.

Models produced in order of manufacture 1957 to 1971:
064 Austin Lorry
065 Morris Pick-Up
066 Bedford Flat Truck
061 Ford Prefect
062 Singer Roadster
063 Commer Van
067 Austin Taxi
068 Royal Mail Van
069 Massey Harris Ferguson Tractor
072 Bedford Articulated Truck
070 AEC Tanker
071 Volkswagon Delivery Van
076 Lansing Bagnall Tractor and Trailer and
078 Lansing Bagnall Trailers (6 per box) released separately
073 Land Rover and Trailer with Horse

Wheel Variations:
Grey Smooth
Grey Treaded
Black Treaded
Tractor Dark Grey but from 1959, Polystyrene 45 Grey (lighter grey)

Prices: Prices vary from $40.00 for the Grey Bedford to $300.00 for the boxed Trailers 078

A complete set of one of each of the 14 would be worth around $2000.00. This does not include variations. Meccano started to introduce this range of die cast cars and commercial vehicles to complement their Dublo trains. The emphasis was on collecting and the scale was '00'.

There are several interesting aspects to these vehicles. One is that the range is very small, only fourteen were produced. Another is that they are not particularly sophisticated and the choice of prototypes is quite odd. There is only one typical saloon car in the range, the emphasis being on commercial vehicles. Many do not have windows, unlike the Matchbox cars, which were advanced and plentiful. Yet the Dublo Dinkys are among the most sought after Dublo accessories today.

One thing is sure. When you have been collecting Dublo trains for a while, you start wanting these models badly. They will hold their price, they are bright and colourful, and no Dublo collection is complete without them.

The following is a list of the Dublo Dinkys with photos:  (coming soon)


Sir Nigel Gresley